About Sievers Poly Tank Sales

Our poly tank business began as an outgrowth of the High Pressure Washer/Steam Cleaner business.

My name is Leroy Sievers and I began the business in 1979 in Houston and soon we were building mobile self contained power washing systems with the inclusion of 300 - 500 gallon poly water tanks.   

Soon after I began manufacturing our own line of stainless steel pressure washers in the late 1980's and sold out the business to a national company in 1994.
Sievers Enterprises was created in 1999 and opened up the business in Giddings, Tx on Hwy 290 (the major route between Austin and Houston).

With the new location came a 1/2 acre display lot and 4,400 square foot showroom and warehouse.

One milestone was achieved when we began displaying the poly tanks on the lot in an effort to take advantage of the drive by traffic. Within two years the poly tank sales had developed to the extent that it equaled our pressure washer sales. Within 5 years it had surpassed the washer business. In an effort to expand our business we developed a relationship with a rotational molding plant and began to develop the custom tank business.

Our first major customer was an oil field company that need to design and build a large poly secondary containment tank to set all of their chemical, antifreeze, and oil storage tanks inside to comply with the EPA mandates. The problem was that the containment needed to be large enough to set a 20' elevated 500 or 1000 gallon tank inside. That required a 7'x10'x2' containment to set a 500 gallon tank. It required a 7'x16'x2' containment for their 1000 gallon tanks. We were able to build a mold that would provide those measurements and combine two of the containments that could be poly welded together to provide the longer containment.

Our business expanded further in February 2010 with the opening of our second location in Abilene, Tx. where we are now exclusively located. We opened our shop on Interstate 20 just west of Abilene. We were able to continue the custom tank manufacturing with a large wholesale fuel distributor when we were approached by them to design and build custom 300 gallon diesel exhaust fuel tanks. They wanted the tank to be molded in their company color (orange) with their company logo, graphics, and individual serial numbers molded into the tanks. In addition the tanks would have to support a pump, meter, filter, and hose reel to be mounted on top. We were able to design the tank to their satisfaction and the customer was so pleased with the results that they are now using the tanks for oil and other bulk fluids at their 5 Texas locations.

Our next custom tank job was requested by an oilfield rental company. They rent trailers and pressurized water tanks to oil drilling sites. However in the winter they lose thousands of dollars when the water pumps and plumbing lines freeze and break. To solve this problem they purchased 40' shipping containers and put 1' insulation board throughout. We designed a 2300 gallon water storage tank that will slide inside the container with outlets that are easily plumbed to their pumps. The tanks have a sight glass in front that provides fluid level indication at a glance. These are just a few examples of what we can do in the custom molding business.

We provide a full line of standard production tanks from several poly tank manufacturers as well. We offer custom fabrication of double wall containment tanks and any type of custom or unusual designs that may be needed. In addition to tanks we also have a full line of valves, fittings, and pumps to provide whatever the customer needs to complete their projects. We are happy to assist with any rainwater harvesting projects our customers may want to design or build as well. We have both above ground and below ground tanks available to fit the needs of any water storage system. In addition we provide full water softening, filtering, and sterilizing equipment for any water problem. We look forward to helping with any of your tank needs from design to installation.

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